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13th-Feb-2012 07:18 am(no subject)
alice, mad hatter

29th-Jan-2012 04:07 pm - welp.
army of darkness, boomstick, bruce campbell
haven't been on here in a while. let's see.
i have a tumblr (dontstartlethewitch.tumblr.com)
i am single (thank the LAWD)
i am organizing a soclah sherlock meetup
bbc's sherlock has taken over my life
moony is going to come visit me in april
i am at college
it's pretty fun
i wrote a giant paper.
updates will be few and far between.

20th-Aug-2011 04:22 am - FRIGHT NIGHT REVIEW (with spoilers)
heathers, christian slater, winona ryder, cigarette
Because I can.

So synopsis: Remake of the 1985 original, Fright Night is the story of Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin), a former "nerd" who has just managed to fall in with a group of cool kids, namely Mark (Dave Franco) and get himself a girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots). In doing so, he's abandoned his former friend Edward "Evil Ed" Lee (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who is convinced that Charlie's next door neighbor, Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell) is a vampire. Turns out Ed is right, and by making Charlie aware of Jerry's true nature, he's made Charlie Jerry's next target. In order to protect himself, his mother (Toni Collette) and Amy, whom Jerry eventually kidnaps, Charlie enlists the help of alcoholic Las Vegas magician, Peter Vincent (David Tennant in leather pants) and goes toe to toe with Jerry in a fight that can only be described as hilariously epic.

Anyway, I really liked this movie. Not only because it was written by Buffy alum Marti Noxon (swoon), but because it's reminiscent of the way monster movies used to be. Likely because it's a remake, but WHATEVER. Colin Farrell's vampire is exactly what I hoped he would be - sexy, but not broody, evil enough to make you hate him but hunky enough for you to kind of like it. And his vampire face was pure fucking nightmare fuel. There was no "WAH, YOU REMIND ME OF MY LOST LOVE", which there was a bit of in the original, no lifetime of loneliness and brooding and angst. He just wanted to EAT PEOPLE and MAKE MORE VAMPIRES. And yes, he does totally hook up with Imogen Poots, but given the fact his character is a vampire and she's a high school kid, it had enough creepiness to keep it in the rapey spectrum as well as being kindofhotbecausecolinfarrellisgorgeous.

(Ow. Right in the feminism.)

ANYWAY. So the plot was...the plot from the old movie, so not much need to talk about it. the dialogue was for the most part superb, but I felt the writing focus leaned more towards the secondary characters (Jerry, Peter Vincent, and Charlie's Mom), likely because those actors could really bring the comic/scary thunder. Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots were blandly attractive and had a few funny lines to themselves, but for the most part were stock teenage hero and heroine.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is in the movie for all of fifteen minutes and yet manages to be supremely awesome and hilarious. He'll be stuck playing McLovin' until he's thirty and dammit, I don't care. As Evil Ed he's almost angrily nerdy, abandoned by his former best friend Charlie and eventually turned into a vampire by Jerry.

And of course, David Tennant steals the entire show as the rakish, drunken douchebag of a magician, Peter Vincent who is clearly modeled after Criss Angel in the remake. His show is an opulent, obscene gothic mess and he rocks the whole thing in tight leather pants, a wavy wig, fake goatee and sideburns, and a plethora of false tattoos. He swears, drinks absinthe pretty much nonstop, smokes cloves and is nothing but the center of attention in every freaking scene. Not just because he ALSO happens to be gorgeous, but because he's utterly hilarious. His exchanges with his live-in girlfriend Ginger are hysterical.

Long story short, everyone should see this movie.
4th-Jul-2011 10:38 pm(no subject)
OMG, marigold, ohemgee, QC, questionable content
My brain and my hormones need to have a SERIOUS HEART-TO-HEART.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled madness.

In other news, I'm trying to force myself to get back into the habit of writing. It feels good. I haven't actually WORKED on my stupid novel (which I'm thinking of adapting into a webcomic, even though I can't draw) but done plenty of character development and one-shot ficlets and whatever.

So hey. Teeny progress is still progress.

Also, I have a job. Ew.
23rd-Jun-2011 06:39 pm - WCMI Application goodness!
alice, mad hatter
Hey WCMI types, reviewing my journal for acceptance!
I'm Katie. I live in Valley Village, CA and I'm a full time college student.

19th-May-2011 10:55 pm - hnnnnngggh (buffy)
well duh, giles
I don't know if it's the little goth girl that still lives inside of me, but something about Spike's HANDS with his CHIPPED BLACK NAIL POLISH is SO FUCKING HOT.


hnnnnnngggghhh. spiiiiiiiike.

<3 <3 <3
16th-May-2011 10:59 pm - CASTLE SPOILERS
mal, firefly
brb, weeping forever.

I like Castle. I don't usually love cop shows, but Nathan Fillion has a very special place in my heart and I think he's brilliant. Montgomery was one of my favorite characters, and I'm so sad to see him go.

I also loved that Castle was a pallbearer at Monty's funeral.

2nd-May-2011 10:50 pm - Argh
heathers, christian slater, winona ryder, cigarette
Sometimes, I feel like one of those plate-spinner guys.

Except the plates keep falling and breaking and there's nothing I can do about it.

Arghhhh. I'm so unfocused and overwhelmedddd.
14th-Apr-2011 10:41 am - Updaaaate
hark! a vagrant, derp, pony
Keeping track of my fooditude. I'm texting animalboything every time I eat, because I need to be more aware of my calorie intake.

So today, the plan is:

Breakfast: Granola bar, iced peach tea with zero calorie sweetener, an orange, and lots of water

Lunch: Santa Fe Chicken Salad, which is diced lettuce with corn, marinated chicken, and a handful of tortilla strips, with dressing on the side.

Snack: 1 piece of toast with nutella and marshmallow fluff, because my friends are EVIL.

Dinner: Pork with pineapple. Nom.

Dessert: 1 chocolate covered marzipan egg from moonykins. DAMN YOU, MOONY.

I'm going on my senior retreat this weekend, so it may be hard to keep the diet up, but I think wearing my bikini will be a good incentive. When I get back home, I'll do some grocery shopping to grab some healthier snacks for the house. Baby carrots and hummus, anyone?
2nd-Apr-2011 03:28 pm - happy happy joy joy!
alice, mad hatter
 moonykins  MADE ME ART! AGH! Well, I paid her for it, BUT STILL. I'm preposterously pleased with it. I've been drooling over Moony's artwork for ages now, (seriously, when I first say some example of it on CCDB I was like "...I MUST FIND A WAY TO BE HER FRIEND SO I CAN COMMISSION ME SOME ARTWORK!") And now look! ARTS!

Cuddle puddle on a wallCollapse )
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